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I was listening to Spotify and this song started to play. Its funny how one song brings back memories from a certain period in your life. I was teaching English as a Native English teacher in Taipei at the time this song was released.

I remember this song well. It was my favorite song on the album “Zooropa” by U2.  I was in Taiwan when this album was released. Listening to this song brought back memories of scooters, motorcycles. a large gaping hole in the middle of the street, some truly weird roommates and dancing to the song “Killing In The Name” by Rage Against The Machine. That song was quite popular at the time in one particular Taipei bar. Every time it was played, a large crowd would start dancing on the dance floor.  I don’t remember the name of the bar. It was a bar not too far from where I used to live at that time.

After twenty five years, I still like this song by U2. It has some some of the most memorable lyrics in music

According to some reviews of the album:

Jon Pareles wrote that the songs are about how “media messages infect characters’ souls”, while music journalist David Browne said the songs are concerned with “emotional fracturing in the techno-tronic age”.


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Equifax confused me with my brother

I have a younger brother. His name is Martin. He is two years younger than me.

Equifax confused me with Martin. They showed me as living at a previous address of Martin. Equifax showed me as living on Bremner Blvd. I have never lived on Bremner Blvd. They also showed me having a loan with CIBC which I never had.

I urge my readers to check their Equifax profile. It is free in Canada to get a copy of your credit profile.

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TransUnion is the other credit reporting company in Canada. Click here to get information on how to get your free credit report. You need to fill out form and mail to address provided.