It is amazing how beautiful music sounds when you least expect it. I was going to sleep. I was in a half sleep state when I heard beautiful violin music. I had turned on autoplay feature on BBC Radio on my Chromebook. I was listening to something earlier and after that show ended, autoplay was activated and started to play this radio show.

It was a radio show about Min Kym, a virtuoso violin player who loses her Stradivarius. The show is a very compelling retelling of what happens after Kym discovers that her Stradivarius is missing.

A Stradivarius is one of the violins, violas, cellos and other string instruments built by members of the Italian family Stradivari, particularly Antonio Stradivari , during the 17th and 18th centuries. The 1697 “Molitor” Stradivarius, once rumored to have belonged to Napoleon (it did belong to a general in his army, Count Gabriel Jean Joseph Molitor), sold in 2010 at Tarisio Auctions to violinist Anne Akiko Meyers for $3,600,000, at the time a world record.

I know what you are thinking. How could anyone possibly lose a Stradivarius? Well, you will have tune in to the show to find out.

To listen to this radio show, go to BBC Radio and do a search for the show.