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Sign petition to oppose Bell’s outrageous attempt to dismantle Net Neutrality in Canada

Bell, Cineplex, Shaw, and Rogers are trying to censor the internet and force the end of net neutrality in Canada. And worse, they’re trying to do it behind closed doors.

These 4 companies, led by Bell, are pushing to create an internet “blacklist” of certain websites that all internet service providers in Canada would legally have to block. They know this outrageous proposal would never pass, so first, they tried to sneak it into NAFTA negotiations.

Critics are calling this move “unprecedented” and dangerous. If these companies get their way, this internet blacklist would have absolutely zero oversight in the courts. We need to stop this urgently.

Last month, Bell was expected to present this proposal to the CRTC. They have not done it yet. We must keep pressure on Bell to back down.

Click here to sign Sum of Us petition telling Bell to stop trying to censor the internet in Canada.

There are links to further articles in the petition that you can read to find out more details about this outrageous attempt to dismantle net neutrality in Canada.