Tell TD Bank to not finance the Kinder Morgan Pipeline

You can send an email to the President of TD Bank Group by clicking this link.

Below is a copy of the letter I emailed to Mr. Masrani:

Dear Bharat Masrani,

Please don’t finance the building of the Kinder Morgan Pipeline.

You just saw the effects of climate change in the past two weeks in Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey.

As you well know, climate change will result in such devastation occurring more frequently and with greater damage.

By financing the the Kinder Morgan pipeline, you will ensure that your children and grandchildren will inherit an world with more political and economic instability.

Kinder Morgan has not received the consent of the First Nations through whose land the pipeline will go through. Your corporation will be inflicting a great injustice against the Indigenous people who live on these lands.

Please find another way to make profits for your bank. Please do not profit from the future hardship you will be inflicting on those who will be harmed by climate change.