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The Wild Horse Redemption


Great documentary. Highly recommended. The film was nominated for three Gemini Awards. I taped this movie on the Documentary Channel a while back on my PVR. This film is available on the Toronto Public Library system.

Synopsis: Wild horses have long roamed the American West. To keep populations stable and sustainable on public lands, thousands of these magnificent creatures are taken from their herds each year and trained, sold or put out to pasture.

Some of the horses end up in the “Wild Horse Inmate Program,” through which inmates at the East Canon Correctional Complex learn the non-coercive methods of horse whisperers to tame and train the horses for adoption. From Academy Award-winning filmmaker John Zaritsky, the film traces the incredible stories of both the horses and the inmates, masterfully intertwining their parallel fates and their mutual struggle towards rehabilitation.

Beautifully shot in the rugged foothills and big skies of southern Colorado, the film takes viewers on an intimate and uplifting journey of freedom, discipline and redemption.1


  1.  Synopsis was adapted from this website. I edited parts of the synopsis. Visit the website for the full synopsis. It is a well written synopsis except for the part about the horses being rehabilitated. The horses do not need to be rehabilitated. They did not do anything wrong.

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