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ISIS sold human slaves in Turkey.

Yazidi girls separated from their family

Yazidi girls separated from their families.

The German television station, ARD (Consortium of Public Broadcasters in Germany), produced footage documenting the slave trade being conducted by the Islamic State (ISIS) through a liaison office in the province of Gaziantep (also known as Antep) in Turkey, near the border with Syria.

The video originally aired on November 29, 2015.

The German TV channels NDR and SWR declared on their website:

“IS offers women and underage children in a kind of virtual slave market with for-sale photos… The transfer of money, as the reporter discovered, takes place through a liason office in Turkey.”

“For weeks, NDR and SWR accompanied a Yazidi negotiator, who, on behalf of the families, negotiates with the IS for the release of the slaves and their children. … the women are sold in a digital slave market to the highest bidder. 15,000 to 20,000 US dollars are a typical price. Similar sums for ransom are also required to free Yazidis. The money is then transferred via IS-liaison offices and middlemen to the terrorist group.”

“NDR and SWR were present at the liberation of a woman and her three small children, aged between two and four years old, and followed the negotiations. How many Yazidi slaves are still ‘owned’ by IS is unclear. Experts estimate that there still could be hundreds.”

Turkey is a member of NATO.

Click here to view video of Yazidi girls being separated from their families.


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