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Mayor Tory not entirely truthful about Auditor General’s TTC Recommendations.

I saw Mayor Tory on TV today. He mentioned that the TTC has only implemented 14 of the 53 recommendations made by the Auditor General.

What he failed to mention was that the TTC has made significant progress towards implementing the other 39 recomendations1

Mr. Tory, you are not being entirely truthful when you use half truths and innuendo to mislead the public.

I say this based on my personal observation that he used a tone of voice which questioned the willingness of the TTC to implement the remaining 39 recommendations. I also base it on his choice of words.

This is what he said:

“Do the other…the rest of them…to get to 53” (Watch the video. He makes this remark at the 3:43 mark in the video).

He should have spoken the complete truth and said:

“The TTC has made significant progress towards the other recommendations and we are waiting for them to complete the process”.


  1. Auditor General’s Report on the Toronto Transit Commission – Results of 2016 Follow-up of Previous Audit Recommendations. p. 2



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