Mr. Trudeau, please don’t undermine democracy!

Mr. Trudeau, please keep your campaign promise to give the information commissioner’s office more important new powers. Invest the information commissioner with authority to issue binding orders that would force government disclosure and create access to information laws that actually work. Do not pass restrictive laws that would give cabinet members the veto to block the information commissioner’s new power to force disclosure.

You campaigned on creating more transparency in government. By giving your cabinet the prerogative to override the power of the information commissioner, you are undermining democracy and openness.

Why do you want the power of a veto to block access to information? Is there something you want to hide from the Canadian public? If the information commissioner orders information to be made available to the public and you feel that information should not be made available to the Canadian public, you can make your arguments in court.

Read Toronto Star editorial for more details.

Contact your MP and tell them you oppose Mr. Trudeau’s intention to subvert democracy.




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