The Conservative Broadcasting Corporation

Eight of the ten current members of the CBC Board of Directors are or have been contributors to the Conservative Party of Canada. All eight of these Conservative hacks were appointed by Stephen Harper. The current President of the CBC was also appointed by Stephen Harper.1

Prime Minister Trudeau promised that ““the process for CBC/Radio-Canada Board of Directors appointments must be reviewed, to ensure merit-based and independent appointments.”

Mr. Trudeau, please keep your promise and abolish the current board of directors to make way for new, merit-based and independent leadership at the CBC. Also make sure that this reconstituted Board of Directors, not the Prime Minister, should have the ability to hire and fire the President.

Sign the petition at Friends of Canadian Broadcasting. Let your MP know that you want the CBC to operate free from political interference. Share the link with your friends.


  1. Elections Canada and Orders in Council database.



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